St. Johann in Tyrol holiday

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St. Johann in Tyrol

The heart of the holiday region

Hauptplatz St. Johann in Tirol

Ferienregion St. Johann in Tyrol

Koasalauf St. Johann in Tirol

UCI Rad-Masters-WM

Knödelfest St. Johann in Tirol

St. Johann in Tyrol (670 meters above sea level) is situated in the middle of the Leukental valley that stretches all the way from Jochberg to the Bavarian border.

With its 8,300 inhabitants, St. Johann in Tyrol is the commercial centre as well as the tourism centre of the region, boasting 4,500 guest beds of all differing categories.

The St. Johann in Tirol holiday region is well-known for its many colorful events and festivities including everything from sports competitions to traditional fests to make your stay here as entertaining and diverse as possible.

Event highlights

  • Tyrolean Koasalauf (cross-country skiing competition)
  • Mountains aflame
  • Stars of tomorrow
  • Jaggas'n Festival
  • UCI cycling masters world championships
  • Fall walking weeks
  • Dumpling festival
  • Winter opening
  • Silvester warm-up-party
  • Silvester party with fireworks


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